Who I Am


Who I Am

Been there, done that...

15+ years, 2 startups, 6 M&A/Financing transactions, 100's of entrepreneurs.

I'm a bold-thinking entrepreneur who is focused on bottom-line results.

I've founded & built two companies, been involved with SaaS companies for over 15 years, and advised/mentored 100s of entrepreneurs. Some significant achievements below give a flavour for who I am and what I can help with:

  • Co-Founded DocSpace - $568M Acquisition | SaaS | Enterprise | Consumer 
  • Co-Founded Atalum - Multi-million Financing | SaaS | Wireless | Enterprise | OEM
  • Advised OpenCal - Groupon Acquisition | SaaS | SMB
  • Negotiated Investor | Customer - Multi-million Dollar Transactions


Assess & Advise

I assess a situation's health based on opportunities & risks. I map internal capacity & goals against market needs, then advise on best go-forward plan.

Drive & Act

I'm a catalyst. I drive new activity (eg new direction, new product, new initiative, etc). I also get hands-on & part of the ACTion needed for execution. 

Connect & Match

I'm a constant connector. I match people to opportunities or to individuals that can help them achieve goals. I do so 1:1 or via my networking events.

What I do

What I do

I help entrepreneurs get where they want to go faster. I work with the CEO to determine appetite for growth & marry that to potential opportunities for the business. I help in an advisory capacity as well as in an operational role to execute on go-forward plans.

To engage with clients, I work through a process to make sure the CEO, decision-makers and myself are aligned.

CEO Check-In

Assess & Advise

I help you figure out where you want to go & how to get there.

I work with the CEO to provide an assessment of the company's opportunities, capacities & deficits. I advise on optimal go-forward.

Pitch Ready

Raise Capital & Sell 

I help you nail your pitch AND figure out who to pitch.

What's your story? Why should I care? These are the questions you need to understand and address when you pitch to investors and customers.

Build Business

Validate & Expand

I help you validate and expand your customer & user base.

I work with you to navigate two critical inflection points: who wants to use/buy my product?; who else can use/buy my product? 

Who I Work With

Who I Work With

I work with entrepreneurs that want to be bigger faster. They see possibilities where others see limitations, and are not content with the status quo. They hit the ground running, hustle and push hard.

Clients are life-long learners, open to new solutions & achieving excellence.


I get involved with organizations who foster:

  • innovation, and/or
  • entrepreneurship, and/or
  • gender parity. 

I'm involved in the capacity of mentor, judge, speaker or collaborator.


My Causes

My Causes

I want to see a robust entrepreneurial culture built on innovation in Canada & gender parity achieved in North America. I take on leadership, volunteer & advocate roles for organizations that I believe will help me achieve this vision.

Engagements (current & past):



I'm interested in connecting with like-minded people. For me, that means you share my core values of being open, learning & doing the right thing. If you're interested in finding out more about what I do, engaging my services or my events (participating or sponsoring) fill out the form below.

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