I help entrepreneurs get where they want to go faster. I work with the CEO to determine appetite for growth & marry that to potential opportunities for the business. I help in an advisory capacity as well as in an operational role to execute on go-forward plans.

To engage with clients, I work through a process to make sure the CEO, decision-makers and myself are aligned.

CEO Check-In

Assess & Advise

I help you figure out where you want to go & how to get there.

I work with the CEO to provide an assessment of the company's opportunities, capacities & deficits. I advise on optimal go-forward.

Pitch Ready

Raise Capital & Sell 

I help you nail your pitch AND figure out who to pitch.

What's your story? Why should I care? These are the questions you need to understand and address when you pitch to investors and customers.

Build Business

Validate & Expand

I help you validate and expand your customer & user base.

I work with you to navigate two critical inflection points: who wants to use/buy my product?; who else can use/buy my product?